During a ketogenic diet, you have to stay in ketosis to keep your body burning fat as energy.  

As you are learning how to count carbs and not calories it is very easy to slip out of ketosis and not even know until the scales stop moving in a downward direction.


Keto strips are your new friend in your diet journey.  They might seem a little strange at first.  The last time I peed on a stick it was when we were trying to have a baby.  Actually we never seemed to really try they just kept popping out, but that is a tale for another day.

Keto strips measure the amount of ketones in your urine.  They can also be detected in your breath and your blood.  You can test your ketones by either alienating your friends and family by asking them if you can breathe fruity ketone breath on them or you can pee on a stick and keep everyone happy.


There is no "it's blue!!!" here.  It is purple.  

On the end of the sick there is a little square.  It will turn varying shades depending on how far into ketosis you are.  Deep purple is what you are aiming for.  If it is very pale or not purple at all you will want to reduce your carbs.

If you are in ketosis there is no need to weigh yourself.  You are burning fat rather than carbs for fuel.  

When you get there you want to stay there so use these to keep you on 


You might not get quite as giddy as you did when you were trying to get pregnant but, when that thing goes purple you will be very happy! 

Click on the link below or the picture to order these.  

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